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Christmas Babies

Now that my cards have been sent and (mostly) received, here are the pictures I ended up putting on them. (I’m sorry if I didn’t send you one, but I was terrible at keeping track of who had sent us cards and saving addresses, plus I’m cheap and only ordered, like, 25 cards. Next year I promise to do better.)

Luna christmas 13


X Christmas13

Cute, aren’t they? I rather like them.

(Xander was actually harder to photograph than he usually is, because he’s in that weird 3.5 year old fake smile sort of phase.)


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Gifts for the Kids

This is a blatant consumerism post, so if that bothers you, then you can go look at this instead.

Anyway, K just posted what she got her kids for Christmas, and I’m nothing if not a copycat.

Because we’re traveling for parts of the holiday, we’re doing some presents at my parents’ house and the “big” gifts will be waiting here for them when we get back.


1. Tractor

All Xander has asked for for the past six months is a blue digger tractor. Lo and behold? Ha! Not gonna happen. I can get a pink one, apparently, but he wants blue.

Thank goodness for eBay. I was able to procure this little beauty. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough to play with (like, not a matchbox car size), and it’s blue. It came all the way from England.

Tractor Pic

2. Trampoline

His big gift from us is a mini trampoline. He’s a three year old with tons of energy, and winter here is LONG, so I really wanted something he could do that would let him be active. I got it on a flash sale sometime around Black Friday/Cyber Monday/WhateverDay.  My plan is to have it in the basement where it’s carpeted and somewhat less dangerous.


3. Books

I went a bit Book Overboard this year, but he’s really getting into stories and reading and I wanted to ride the wave while I can.

I got him: Not a Stick, Dragons Love Tacos, and Journey

Not a Stick pic Journey Pic Dragon Taco pic

4. How to Train your Dragon

He’s starting to really enjoy movies (I love it when he anticipates something funny and starts laughing uncontrollably minuets before the joke happens), and I really liked this one. I think he’ll dig it.

Dragon Pic

5. Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Because it was on Zulily.

Squirrel Game pic

6. Craft Supplies

Xander loves doing “projects” and especially projects that involve gluing weird stuff onto other stuff. This was also on Zulily. It’s actually much bigger than I expected it to be, so this will be waiting for him at home along with the trampoline (note: don’t shorten to “tramp” when referring to things you got for your children).

craft pic

7. Woody!

(Added later). I almost forgot about Woody! Xander has been in a MEGA Toy Story phase, so I got him a talking Woody doll. I got it from the Disney store, because its was ridiculously cheaper than on Amazon (like $15 instead of $40).

Woody pic

I haven’t really done much for stockings, honestly, but I figure we can hit Target once we arrive (OMG TARGET!) and get some crayons, candy, coloring books, socks…stuff like that.


Since she’s still so young, we’re not going for equal number of gifts/equal costs just yet. So.

1. Soft Rocker by Rockabye

I didn’t see this type of rocker with Xander until he was too old for it but I love them. They are so cute!  I got her the adorable little dino one.  This will be at home.

Rocker pic

2. Shape Sorter

Because why not, right? John and I both wanted to get her a few baby toys that are JUST hers, rather than ones that Xander still sort of remembers being his and thus grabs from her hands at first sight.

Shape Sorter pic

3. Books

Baby Pride and Prejudiced, because come on.

P&P PicI also got a few Sandra Boynton ones at Marshall’s.

For her stocking I was thinking of an empty roll of TP and some dog hair.

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Waxing and Weaning

Ha! A clever title. Even if it doesn’t ACTUALLY make sense.

Here is my dilemma, Internets. Luna hates bottles. HATES. They give her tiny infant rage. (She once grabbed the nipple of the bottle and squirt its contents into John’s face while yelling at him. So.)

Starting in January, when she’ll be 11 months, I will be teaching two in person classes, twice a week. So I will be gone from about 7AM until about 1PM two days a week.

Right now I’m only gone “long” one day a week, and for five hours, not seven.  We used to have the sitter try to give her some formula, but quickly abandoned that idea and so now Luna gets a pouch at lunchtime and waits for me to get home for nursing. It works out OK. I do pump, because I’m scared of my supply crashing, but it makes me somewhat irritated because I essentially pump and dump, since Luna will have nothing to do with expressed milk.

So. My question.

What do I DOOOOO?

Seven hours seems like a long time go without nursing and have her maintain an interest in it, and I’m not really sure I want to wean her completely. I mean. I could, I guess. But I like it. And I fought hard to get here.

So, I see my options as:

  1. Continue what we do now, and hope that 7 hours of no nursing and no bottles is not the switch to weaning her.
    1. Pump and dump like I do now to maintain supply
    2. Forget pumping, because it sucks, and cross fingers that my supply doesn’t vanish
  2. Wean her
  3. Try giving her expressed milk (or other milk, or “milk” like rice or whatever) in a straw or sippy cup

At 11 months I don’t really see a point in trying to persuade her to take a bottle, since we’ll just be trying to take it away a month later.

She’s pretty good at using a straw cup, but I haven’t given her anything but water in it. It also isn’t very leakproof, so I should maybe look into other cups.

So….I guess I really am already planning on option 3 (my pump is barely hanging on, but I think it’ll continue to get the job done) and I just want you tell me that it’s the right choice and will all be fine, and also tell me your favorite baby straw cup.

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Some Quick Takes

(Note that I’m not saying how many quick takes, because I have no idea, yet.)

  • It occurs to me that I never updated/followed up/concluded Luna’s little…blip.  So, we ran some tests, all came back clear, except for one of the liver functions, which was only slightly, not terrifyingly alarmingly off.  We continued to check her weight regularly, gave her formula when we could (she started taking less and less of it, though), and kept the appointment with the GI Specialist to see about that liver test, check on reflux and/or allergies.

    At her last REGULAR pediatrician appointment, Luna weighed, well, I don’t remember the actual number, so let’s say 15 pounds. A month or so later we had this specialist appointment. A PA weighed Luna, but it was in kilograms, and hell if I know that stuff, so I asked her to convert it, and she said that Luna weighed  14 pounds. I was CRUSHED. She’d lost weight AGAIN. I sent out a panicked tweet and waited in the exam room, feeling like the world was falling from beneath my feet. The actual doctor came in and looked at the chart on the computer. “I think we need to recheck this,” he said.  So I followed him down the hall, back to the weigh room, saw the same numbers, went back to the room and….Luna weight 16 (or whatever) pounds. She’d GAINED weight. GAINED. She’d gained so much that the doctor thought it was wrong because, hello, why are you bringing this healthy baby in to see me?

    I laugh cried a little. Luna is now in the 33 percentile for weight, and she has fat rolls on her TOES. It’s wonderful. The specialist thinks she may have had some little infection that effected her liver, but cleared on its own and, well, pish posh we’re ALL DONE. Cleared to do away with formula unless we want to use it, no need to worry about solids, nothing.
    (OK, so this one wasn’t a quick take, SORRY.)

  • Xander has been Very Three lately. He’s had a resurgence of hitting, primarily at home and/or around me and John because it gets a reaction out of us. It is so frustrating because I really don’t feel like it’s something we can ignore, but NOTHING we do is helping it. Time outs. Threats. Taking away TV time or iPad time. It’s HORRIBLE. Of course, what works BEST is being proactive and positive, keeping him busy and distracted so that he “forgets” to hit when he’s mad, or the dog takes a cracker, or it’s Sunday. He does really well when he has lots of outside time, and plenty of free play, and one-on-one time with both me and John throughout the day. But…life gets BUSY. It’s not like we just ignore him for days on end, but it honestly isn’t always easy to find a big chunk of dedicated Xander Only time. We’re trying, though.
  • I also got out the Melissa and Doug magnetic reward chart thing that I bought last year. So far he’s really into “earning” magnets, and I promised him a cupcake at the end of the week if he earns 20 in the week. His “chores” for the chart are: Saying please and thank you, Keeping hands to yourself (2 a day, so that we can break the day down into parts), brushing teeth (2 a day, because he likes brushing his teeth and I wanted some easy ones for him to earn), putting toys away, eating veggies.  Eating veggies and the not hitting are the ones we really want him to improve on. The others we want to encourage him to KEEP doing.  I figure at three it’s too much to give him a whole list of brand new things to expect of him each day.
  • I started teaching my onsite class last week. The very first session was a bit rough, I was SO nervous. But the ones since then have actually been fun! It’s an underclassmen required course, I’m sure not everyone LOVES being there, but the students are engaged and like discussing things and yeah, very different from online teaching.
  • To make this work, since John and I overlap, we hired a PT sitter/nanny. It was a near miss, too. The first ad I placed totally failed. I had two no-shows for interviews, and I was panicking.  But we found a college grad (in early childhood education, nonetheless) with flexible availability and Xander is in love with her. So. It’s quite nice. We are going to have her come in for some of my non-teaching days, too, so I can get some sense of a personal life back. I may read a book! Or go for a walk! OR SLEEP IN MY CAR. Who knows. Living wild, I am.
  • I am not going to The Blathering this year. I am sad about this. BUT, we are taking a nice long family trip to San Diego during the winter, which I will desperately need (don’t like winter. darkness everywhere.). It turns out my decision not to go to Charleston was the right one because now I’m ALSO taking a very fast trip to TN/AL because my BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED, WHAT? This is so awesome that I can’t even tell you. The wedding is during our CA trip, of course, so only Luna and I will be going (Xander no longer flies free WAAAAAHHHH), but there is no WAY we could have swung all of this PLUS another trip for me. So, sad but happy.
  • Trader Joe’s was approved to come to the area. I have no idea when, but I’m considering pitching a tent at the site and monitoring the progress.
  • There is a big storm going outside, so I’m going to sign off and go watch the lightning. Everyone pray that the kids sleep, please.

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The One About Sleep

So here is where many of you will start to think I am a terrible person: John and I decided to let Luna Cry It Out.

Let me backtrack.

When I was pregnant with Xander, the only baby book I read was Dr. Sears. I fell lock, stock, and barrel for the entire Attachment Parenting philosophy. And wait right there before you X out of this page – there is NOTHING wring with AP. Nothing. It’s a loving parenting philosophy.

My problem, and I think MANY people’s problem, is that I didn’t ever consider doing something that wasn’t Dr. Sears approved. I would breastfeed exclusively! So when my milk took FIVE DAYS to come in, and Xander had latching problems because of his tongue tie, I had nary a bottle of formula in the house and he lost a dangerous amount of weight and was dehydrated. I would cosleep! All nestled in the Family Bed, warm and safe and snuggly. But I couldn’t SLEEP with this thrashing, loudly breathing, terrifyingly unknown person next to me, and I damn near lost my mind from exhaustion until John lovingly suggested moving Xander to his own bed (no joke, I wept over a pillow, thinking it was my son, whom I had suffocated by accidentally rolling over in my sleep. CRAZY MAKING.).

Eventually, I adapted, because Xander forced me to. We introduced bottles and formula, because he was sick without them. He took a pacifier, even though I didn’t want him to have one, because it calmed him down when my body couldn’t. He got used to going to sleep with me or John, with nursing or a bottle, so that without much work on my part, he was going down relatively easy (for a baby, which is NEVER that easy) and sleeping decently in his own room. He still woke to eat well past a year, but I didn’t mind warming up a bottle once in the night. It was fun to snuggle him.

With Luna, well, I still had things I wanted, but I was much more aware that it wasn’t entirely up to me. I wanted to breastfeed, and despite a temporary blip, there, we’ve done so almost exclusively. (And, for the record, I’m almost thankful for that little scare because she will now take a bottle of formula without batting an eye so, should she need to, I can be away from her for more than 2 hours.) We coslept for the first several months, sleeping side by side, her little mouth millimeters away from her favorite food source. It worked; I was able to get MUCH more sleep than I was with newborn-Xander.

But, eventually, her bedtime moved up and I didn’t want to be confined to the bed at 7PM, unable to move lest I disrupt her latch. So we started trying to put her down in her crib for the first portion of the night. I’d nurse her to sleep, then oh so very carefully lay her down, trying not to breathe too heavily, and creep out of the room. Inevitably, she woke up 20 minutes later, screaming, and I’d have to do it again, only this time would take longer. And the next time even longer.

I was putting her to bed at 7, and not done putting her to bed until 10 or so.

It. Was. Not. Working.

Not ONLY because it was exhausting and frustrating (I was starting to resent her, in all honesty) ,but also because I had no TIME. None.  I work from home, and with two kids (one of whom doesn’t nap), my work is completed either when John doesn’t have class or meetings, or at night. With this marathon bedtime happening, I had to cram all of my day’s work into a few hours before I literally crashed into my pillow, too tired to even say goodnight to my husband.

When it came to sleep training, I hemmed and hawed. I didn’t WANT to. I didn’t want to be unfair or mean to Luna. But the truth was, the current situation wasn’t working for her, either. She was tired. She wanted to sleep.  We tried a modified version of Ferber, but the in and out again just made her more upset, so we stopped and I went back to the three hours of off and on nursing.

Something had to give. My neighbor runs the Troublesome Tots site. She is a perfectly lovely woman and parent, and her kids are happy and well adjusted, despite her willingness to CIO, which I used to feel was on par with solitary confinement. If SHE was supportive of CIO, and if some of my Twitter pals had done so, too, maybe….maybe I should at least TRY it. John and I talked about it and decided to give it a four day run.

On night one, I read Luna a book (well, tried to, but she was rather insistent on just gumming the pages), nursed her, sang her a song, then laid her down and left. She cried for about 11 minutes. John and I had talked about not letting it go TOO long, yet, so I went in, picked her up, and sang her another song until she was calm. Then I put her back down, and she cried, lightly, for one minute. Then she fell asleep. I was EUPHORIC. The next night, it was the same, for the most part. The third night, she bleated for MAYBE two minutes.  We’ve also done it at naps. I sing to her, put her down, and leave. Today she didn’t make a SINGLE peep.

I may be shooting myself in the foot by writing this. But it’s not like she’s sleeping through the night. She still wakes up a few times to eat, and I’m OK with that. And around 4AM, if she wakes, I bring her back to bed, because if I don’t she’ll be up more frequently and I don’t get any more sleep and I am NOT a good 4AM riser.

I think I got lucky with two things. One, I think she is a tension decreaser (go click on that link, Moxie’s explanations about decreasers and increasers is wonderful and SO HELPFUL). She wasn’t at first, at all. I tried this once before, to see what would happen, and she got so upset that it took forever to calm her down (and it was only for 10 minutes, not, like, an hour; now I think she was just too young for it at the time I tried). And two, I think that I am at a sweet spot, age wise, for transitions. She’s not so young that being on her own is a traumatic and scary thing, like it is at 3 or 4 months. That’s still REALLY young. (When I tried it at 3 months, it wasn’t to sleep train her, it was to just see whether or not she would amp up or calm down – I was hoping to get an idea of her temperament.)  But she’s also not so old that she’s “addicted” to our old method (for the record, I don’t buy into the “addicted” idea of nursing to sleep as a coverall for all babies.).

So, there you go, more words than you ever needed or wanted to read on someone else’s baby’s sleep habits. But I wanted to write this so that anyone else out there who feels guilty for even considering breaking your previously held tenants on sleeping for the sake of your health, sanity, relationships, or happiness….well, don’t feel guilty.

I say that I let Luna Cry It Out, but honestly, she has barely cried. It is worth TRYING. I’m not talking about locking the door while your newborn screams inconsolably for hours while you binge on Hershey’s kisses and Orange is the New Black. Trust yourself to know when enough is enough. But also trust yourself to know when to try something different. You know your baby. I knew that Luna, and my whole family, needed something to change, and it worked. She is still loved, and happy, and I respond to her needs.  I am also getting a bit more sleep and some more time to be a person outside of my role as “mom.”

We’re all a bit happier for it.

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Little Big Luna

I seem to be on a once or twice a month or really whenever I feel like it sort of blogging schedule. I don’t really foresee that changing, though. I’m kind of….running out of things to write about. Or. Running out of my desire to write about them? For now, anyway. Talk to me when I’m consistently getting a decent five our stretch of sleep a night and I’ll let you know how I feel, then.

Anyway. I was going to write this post about giving up gluten. Which, looking over my archives, I did two years ago, too. And for similar reasons: my thyroid is acting batshit insane. I went from hypo to hyper and I’m not sure where I am now, I have an appointment in July to check on it. BUT, the point being, I was cutting out gluten because one can effect the other, or so The Internet Says, and hey, why not try it (BREAD IS WHY NOT, EMILY, DELICIOUS BREAD). I did it for a while, lost a few pounds (yay!) and then, well.

I’m not going to write about giving up gluten, because Luna got sick and I gave up giving up.

Well, she didn’t so much get sick as she just didn’t grow. At her two month appointment she was 9 pounds 4 ounces. At her four month appointment she was 9 pounds 6 ounces.

This is…not good.

We supplemented with some run of the mill formula, and (for not the first time), she projectile vomited it up all over the place. So. We went back to the doctor, got some hypoallergenic formula, and talked about some Big Scary Things that could be wrong. Spoiler alert: so far, it’s not anything Big or Scary. We had some blood drawn, got a urine sample, and set up a game plan to fatten her up over this past weekend. If it didn’t work, if she didn’t gain, then we were looking at a hospitalization with a feeding tube and a hell of a lot more tests.

She gained.

The relief on the pediatrician’s face when the number was higher just about made me pass out.

She didn’t gain much, and she has a LOT of catching up to do (yes, we know breastfed babies are smaller, we’re not concerned about the number in and of itself, just that she’s growing in her own petite sort of way). We are still going to run some tests, see a GI specialist, and try to eliminate one last Big Scary Thing, but…well, that’s it. We don’t know right now. There is some reason that she wasn’t able to gain, maybe reflux? Maybe a food allergy? I think these are the things we’re leaning towards.

I can’t say we’re HAPPY about it all, but we are relieved. We are thrilled that she doesn’t need a feeding tube. And while it’s clear that there is something going on with her, it looks like it’s most likely something treatable which, oh, yay. Treatable is great.

And now that the horrible weekend is done, now that we’re not in quite such a state of emergency, we can go back to enjoying our little big peanut. Our smiley, happy, almost-giggling, big eyed, Luna Girl.


And that’s a great thing.

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I feel like I need to literally dust this blog off. Luckily it’s not an actual thing and requires no dusting. LONG LIVE THE INTERNET.

Anyway, updating has become this Big Thing in my head that I need to do, and the longer I put it off, the more it looms, and in order to prevent it from becoming this insurmountable task, I’m going old school lazy and giving you bullets. As Xander would say, TAH-HAH!

  • Xander!
    • Xander is, well, about what we expected. He loves Luna. Loves her. “Want to touch the baby Luna!” is a frequent refrain around here. Which is oh so sweet, yes, and also terrifying because TODDLERS ARE CLUMSY GIANTS. I don’t want to give him a total complex, so I let him pet and kiss her, all the while just cringing over her wee, squishy head. He’s also a total and complete ASS with me and John. He’s fully in the terrible twos (yes, I know, “just wait until he’s three!”) and screams over everything, says no to everything, won’t eat unless it’s coated in sugar or in a cracker form, hits us over his timeouts, you know, HE’S TWO.
    • I don’t feel like I’m handing him particularly well, but I’m trying to cut myself some slack: it’s very hard to entertain a toddler while nursing a newborn who always (a.l.w.a.y.s.) wants to nurse, so yeah, we watch more TV than we should. I’m tired and hormonal and tired so, no, I don’t always reply with his screaming “NO! Don’t like mama! Go away!” with an understanding, “Oh, I’m sorry you’re angry, sweetheart, let’s talk about it.”  But I do try to make sure to give him some Xander Only attention each day, and to make sure he gets praise and compliments in addition to the constant “Shhhhh” ing.
  • Luna!
    • Luna is a newborn, so in many ways, there’s little to say about her. She is the poster-child for Dr. Sears’ attachment parenting. She likes: nursing, being worn in the BabyHawk (so she is close to the bewbs), sleeping next to me so she can eat all night long. She doesn’t like: anything else that doesn’t involve the above three things. It’s easier and harder. I know exactly what will calm her down (nursing!), I know she will nap if I put her in the BabyHawk, I know she will cry if I change her or hand her off to John to shower. But it’s also hard because, you know, I have other things to do. Like shower. SOMETIMES. Or read Xander a story, or just go in a quiet room and stare at the walls without anyone TOUCHING ME or NEEDING ME. But I know that it won’t last for very long, so I’m trying to savor what I can and just survive what I can’t and try not to get too smelly.
    • The pediatrician heard a heart murmur at her 2 week appointment, so we are going to the cardiologist later this month to have it checked out. Most likely it is a benign murmur – I have one myself, and will require nothing more than to be observed and recorded and then ignored. I’m still a wee bit nervous about it, obviously, because she is my baby and so little and well, you know. But I’m mostly trying not to think about it until it’s time.
  • John!
    • John is awesomely John and he’s home on Spring Break now (ha ha ha ha – spring! I WISH) which means I’m taking gross advantage of him and not letting him get a moment’s peace. This morning he took Xander out for cupcakes before I lost my everloving mind at the gazillionth rendition of The Wheels on the Bus.
  • Me!
    • Other than smelly! (It’s not THAT bad. I don’t think.) I’m actually pretty good! I was much more of a wreck in Xander’s early days, honestly. Less sleep because I was 1), doing that whole crappy feed AND pump every two hours thing and 2), afraid of co-sleeping. I have not pumped once for Luna – I just feed her when she’s hungry – and I’m much more confident in my own ability to make choices like co-sleeping (and to do so SAFELY, obviously). Sleeping with her next to me (or propped up with her on my chest) means we BOTH sleep much better. I wake up when she needs help latching on, or to be changed, and then we both go back down. Fin. This makes me a much better parent.
    • I’m not super great at leaving the house with both kids – it’s a hugely daunting task – so mostly I don’t. I’m lucky enough that even when John does have work, he’s home often during the day so I can wait for a time when he can watch one or both of them before running to the store. Or I let HIM run to the store.
    • I accepted a teaching job that starts in 2 weeks and I’m not sure that this was a wise choice. It is so hard to find any time at all to do something, let alone something that is actually REQUIRED to get done. But this time, unlike when I was still pregnant/delivering, I’m only taking one class, so hopefully it won’t be too overwhelming.

And that is where we are. Now that I’ve broken the wall of not posting, maybe I’ll be a bit more regular again. But, maybe nott.

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By this point in Xander’s life, I’d already written a handful of posts about him. Poor Luna. Already getting the Second Child Shaft (but, then again, with Xander I wasn’t teaching two online courses in the weeks leading up to and immediately following his birth, so…).

We are all adjusting to life as a family of four (five, sorry Tonks. AGAIN.). Luna is such a different baby than Xander was, which shouldn’t be surprising at all, but is. If she’s awake, she’d better be nursing. If she’s asleep, she’d better be nursing. Ha! Oh, my. She hates being set down, being away from the boob, and pacifiers. She’s mixed about swaddling, but we kind of force it on her because, COME ON, I gotta shower at some point, right? (RIGHT.)  She’s starting to have those periods of quiet wakefulness and oh, I love it. She just opens her eyes and looks around the room. When her gaze falls on me I swear she tries to smile (but mostly it turns out like a surprised O! shape).

Before too much more time passes, I thought I’d share the story of how Luna came to enter the world. Well, just part of it. Nine months of that story is rather dull, in my opinion.

So. Friday night, the first of this month, I was scrambling to finish some grading that had to post by midnight, and grumbling my way through more irregular Braxton Hicks and prodromal labor pains. Nothing felt DIFFERENT, though, so I wasn’t paying much attention. I promised myself a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream when I finished. So, I did my best to ignore Twitter and powered through thirty-ish partial essays. By the time I finished, it was past 11 and I was too tired for ice-cream (HERESY!), so I just went to bed.

… and proceeded not to sleep. I had a few stronger contractions, but, again, nothing regular, and nothing I couldn’t breathe or talk through, so…you know. MORE OF THE SAME.  And, yeah, it must be admitted that I was not taking this gracefully. I was whining and crying and cursing and telling John how much my life sucked and would always suck because I’d always be pregnant and it wasn’t faaaaiiiir.

Around 2AM the smoke detector went off. Just twice. Enough to wake us up completely. Well, I was already awake (pregnancy insomnia, yo – SUCK IT). It went off enough for me to poke John awake and demand he go look at it. I’m kind like that.

He did, and it never made another peep. Around 2:30 I gave on sleeping and took my pillows out to the couch to sulk some more. And then…my water broke. I told John, who was still awake from the fire alarm check, and he started to call our babysitters and neighbors so SOMEONE could come watch Xander, because I was being stubborn and refused to put him in the car to come with us (not to hang out, but to meet our sitters there and buy us some time). I was also trying to convince John that despite every warning from every doctor in the practice, I was CERTAIN that we had plenty of time. PLENTY! I wasn’t even contracting yet! See? AM FINE! Let’s hang out and wait.

Luckily, our neighbor listened to our middle of the night message and high tailed it over to our place to hang out while our OTHER sitters drove over. Still though, you know, NO BIGGIE. JUST LEAKING AMNIOTIC FLUID EVERYWHERE. Let’s get a snack!

Got in the car, went back inside for an extra bottle of water (I was parched, OK?), and John proceeded to speed and run red lights (cautiously! Don’t worry! I mean, we live in VT, which is on it’s own not crowded, but even less so at 3:15 AM.). I continued to tell him it’s not a big deal, really, we have time! Don’t get a ticket!

He, wisely, ignored me.

We got to the hospital at around 3:20, spent 10 minutes getting from the ER entrance to our room, and Luna was born at 3:48.

You guys. It was intense. I mean. Xander  was fast, too. Three hours from water breaking to delivery. But less than an hour!? I didn’t really think that was possible. Of course, yes, I’d been in labor for weeks, I was dilated to 5 for at least a few days. But still! An HOUR!? Total? Obviously, no meds, no IV for my Group B Strep, no “waiting” to push. I think the worst part, in all honesty, was the post delivery stitching. Done by a med student. Who tried to tell me that it hurt because the numbing solution “didn’t work.”

BUT ANYWAY. That was it. The whole shebang. Like last time, the actual delivery and pushing parts are a little fuzzy (you do tend to get rather, uh, FOCUSED on the task at hand).  But I do remember yelling “I don’t want to!” when my midwife prompted me to give another push. And I do remember (only somewhat shamefully) kicking the stitching med student and yelling at her to “JUST STOP IT.” I may have said please. But I doubt it. John told me later he’d never heard anything quite “like that” in regards to my yelling. I guess I’ll never manage to have a L. Ron Hubbard approved Silent Birth. But, again, NON MEDICATED PUSHING. You try not yelling.

The post delivery time was kind of weird this time. I mean, we had Xander to think about. So John split his time between me and Xander, and I just sorta…hung out in the hospital, continuing to dial the number for room service until I had acquired quite the collection of meal trays. I was close to having to stay for an extra day or so, because I had some delayed bleeding issues, but that got resolved quickly, and Luna was healthy despite the lack of antibiotics (it’s not like she hung out in the birth canal for all that long, after all), so we got to leave after a little over 24 hours.

And that’s where we are now. Home. As a family of four (FIVE. TONKS. GOD.). And it’s still pretty mind-blowing that I am mother to CHILDREN. More than one. A son and a daughter.

But, of course, it’s mind-blowing in a wonderful way.





Luna 01


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The Name


Yes, like Harry Potter.

Kind of.

In part.

Just like last time, picking a name was always at the top of my list of Things To Do while pregnant. I always want to have something to call my babies other than Baby.

Before we found out that she was a she, I had thought I was having another boy. I mean, I already had one, so it just made sense. Orion was always going to be part of his name, had she been a he. Ezra Orion was my favorite. Xander and Ezra. It just sounds so cool, doesn’t it?

I was less decisive about the girl names. I liked Lorelai (Gilmore Gilrs forever!), and Maya and Violet had always been high on our list for both pregnancies. But none of them felt like MY baby’s name. And then we found it that she was definitely a girl and they seemed even less like her name.

One night, looking for inspiration, I read through the online Harry Potter Lexicon (oh, shut up) and made a list of all the names in there that I liked. Arabella was cute. Cassiopeia. I added Luna as kind of an after thought. I always loved her character, but I also liked the sound of the name. Luna. It’s lyrical. And it’s the name of our moon, which makes my former Space Camp Counselor Nerd heart happy. (Could I reveal any more of my total geekiness in a single post?)

I thought, though, that John would shoot it down. Not because he’s not a Harry Potter fan, he is (though, you know, not as much as I am) (SHUT UP), but just because it seemed kind of “out there.”

When I read him the list, he stopped me at Luna. “I’ve always liked that name. Let’s use that one.” WELL ALRIGHTY THEN.

Luna it was.

Everly I picked when we couldn’t really decide on a middle name. Beverly is the name of my grandmother – my mom’s step mom, and she is such a key person in our family. I didn’t love the double B alliteration with our last name, though, plus I kind of liked the idea of her middle name starting with my initial. So we dropped the B.

Luna Everly

I have so much other stuff to write about, but, you know, that first week with a baby is mostly about lactating and weeping (I do not handle the plummeting hormones well. At all.). But now I’m a bit more stable, albeit exhausted, and am even finishing up those online classes this week (I had a stand-in last week). So maybe I’ll get around to writing about her birth (LESS THAN AN HOUR. It was, uh, intense.), or Xander (he is simultaneously being totally awesome and a total train wreck), or how completely different this baby is than he was (she cries when she’s hungry! then she eats! I AM NOT PUMPING AT ALL OMG!!!).

But only if I get a nap in first. Naps will always win these days.

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Valid Excuse

I meant to update after my last appointment, but I was behind on grading and then this happened:

Luna Everly, 7lb 15oz, 19.75 inches, and an even speedier exit than her brother.

We are home and happy and she’s really so much more than I could have ever wished for.

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