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Whelp! We had a rough few days here this week. Xander had another effing cold, and more effing teeth, and this meant he didn’t want to sleep. Which also meant: I didn’t sleep. On night three, or something (I forget, it gets rather blurry), I could only doze with him in my lap while sitting up on the couch.

BUT, he’s feeling better, even if still slightly snotty. So now I’m back to my fulltime job of Spring Watching. It’s April, ya know? I’m ready for some leaves and some sun and not needing to grab my winter coat when heading out the door.

I’ve continued to enjoy practicing with the camera. Xander makes a fun, albeit challenging, subject. He’s not so great at sitting still, so usually by the time I turn the dial to where I want it, he’s off licking¬†doing something else.

Oh, hey, bud! Can I take some pictures of you?

You’re a little close, how about you…

Oh, no, don’t touch. Gentle with Mama’s camera, bud.

Gentle…what are you?

Oh, you’re kissing it? That’s….nice. I guess.

Hey, let’s try a game! Where are you knees?

Good! And how about your tummy?

Erm, yeah.

You sure found it!

OK. Let’s say bye-bye to camera!

Gah! Okay, then.


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New Camera

Not that it’s actually related to buying a house, but one of the things JS and I talked about when deciding to move to VT was getting me a new camera. I loved my Nikon, but it was sort of an “entry level” DSL, and as JS uses cameras professionally, he wanted to upgrade me.

It took a while, but we finally got enough of the house stuff taken care of that we went ahead and ordered it. I’m now a Cannon user, which feels weird to me. But, it’s the same type that JS uses, so we can now share lenses.

I must say, it’s fun to play with a real camera again. I’ve gotten so use to only using my iPhone that I’m very out of practice, but take a look at these straight out of the camera shots (we haven’t put Photoshop in my computer yet):






The only downside is that now I actually have to download them from my computer to share them on Facebook, instead of just using an app. Heh.

Happy Easter Weekend, all.

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Here are some of the images I edited this morning from the storms. I haven’t tried embedding a slide show before, so hopefully this will work!

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Words, originally uploaded by EABanks.

I messed up and skipped out on last week’s photo.

This week’s theme is “words.” JS kindly accepted my request to hand model.

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Pink, originally uploaded by EABanks.

It’s not a new image, exactly. I took it last year at the Flower Fields. But, I put a new texture over it and tweaked the levels a bit. I think it looks pretty cool!

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Paperwhites, originally uploaded by EABanks.

Not my most creative picture, but the days seemed to just fly by this week. JS gave me some paper white bulbs for Christmas, and they really sprouted up quickly. The smell permeates the house already, and the blossoms are just a few days old.

Next week I’ll take a picture with my REAL camera, rather than just my iPhone.

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Today you turn six months, two weeks, and five days. Sure, it’s somewhat of an arbitrary age, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not together enough to do an new letter each month.

I say this at least every week, but I love the age you are right now. You love to talk to me and your dad…and your stuffed animals and your feet and the bottle and the mobile and the dog. Speaking of the dog? She rocks your world. I’d never heard you laugh as hard as you did one morning when you realized that there was this four legged furry animal sharing the house with you. You love to feed her from your high chair, a habit we’re only halfheartedly trying to break because it’s so damn cute. You stick your squash or apricot covered hand out to her and giggle hysterically while she licks you. Here’s a heads up from one who knows, though: dogs don’t dig broccoli, so don’t try.

Food is another one of your greatest joys. You would never stop eating if I didn’t stop giving you food. So far there is nothing you don’t like, though avocados took a while for you to warm up to.¬† And since you’re still a tiny micron of a baby, we’re on doctor’s orders to slip you butter and heavy cream in your purees. Enjoy it while you can.

You still throw the occasional tantrum, but hey, you’re only six months old, so who can blame you. You have, however, started doing the greatest thing: instead of just screaming as loudly as you can, you now blow raspberries (while whining!) to express your displeasure over something. I think it’s a nice change.

You are the happiest baby I know. Granted, I don’t know a ton of babies, but whatever. You love to smile and laugh and play and explore things. You’re getting ticklish, too, most notably your thighs and under your chin. And all it takes are a few squeezes to make you forget why you may have been crying in the first place. You laugh during your nightly bath, you smile as big as you can when you see me first thing in the morning, you grin at your dad when I drop you off in the bed in the morning. As happy as you make us, it’s so wonderful to see that you feel the same.

Everywhere I take you people love to compliment your hair. It’s true. You have rad hair. I can’t take all the credit for that, because your dad has great hair, too. But I think my favorite feature are your little elf ears. I could kiss the tips of your ears all day long. Some days I do.

These past six months have been so great, Xander, and I can’t wait to see what the next six bring us.





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52 Weeks

One of my goals for 2011 is to take more pictures. I used to take pictures ALL the time. And yeah, most of them were pretty crummy, but still. I loved it. I like to think my quality has improved over the years, even if the number of photos I snap has decreased. But improvement is contingent upon practice, right?

I decided to participate in MCP Actions 52 Weeks Project: a new photo taken each week of the year. (You can still do it, too! You can start any time.) I’m trying to use this project as a way to keep sharp with photography, even if using an app on my iPhone, as I did this week.

So, anyway, here are my pictures for weeks 1 and 2. The themes were: things around the house, and illustrate a song. The first picture is a macro shot of a leaf ornament I bought at a National Park a few years ago, and the second one is a glass of “Red, Red Wine;” I used the instagram app on my phone for this week’s assignment.



I’m going to try and include this as a weekly post on the blog.

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2010: In Images

Music: Collapse the Light Into Earth by Porcupine Tree

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Purple, originally uploaded by EABanks.

Just because I felt like posting a picture today, and this one caught my fancy.

I need to break out the camera again, it’s been ages since I’ve taken new pictures.

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