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The boxes are on the moving truck, the condo is clean, the keys handed over. I’d probably be more sentimental about leaving the home we brought Xander home to, but right now I’m just too damn tired and am looking forward to being in a house with 3 adults to 1 child.

Still, though. It’s bittersweet.


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Raise the Roof

Remember before, when I talked about the house we bought and used the phrase “barring worst case scenarios?” Well, we may have barred them.  The little bit of roof damage we knew about is much worse and may require, you know, taking the top of the house off and putting a new one on. Cause, you know, why not.

Thinking about it makes me freak out just a tad. So I’ll think about it tomorrow, instead.

Instead I’ll freak out about the race, which is Sunday. I suddenly feel so unprepared. And my leg starting hurting after Saturday’s 6 mile run….not even half the distance I’ll be covering this weekend. GAH. I have another chiropractor appointment today.

Oh! And speaking of appointments. Remember when I got my thyroid ultrasounded? And my doctor was all “I’ll call if anything is not right?” Well, she never called. YAY! Only…I called THEM yesterday to set up a follow up appointment at the 6 week mark, like she asked, and, well, she no longer works there. Since when, I have no idea. Super. So my confidence in the test results is gone, but I have to GO IN to find out. UGH.

In good news, though, Xander has a great little wave hairdo going on.

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The Mondays

Things are rather busy over here, what with JS still off finding a house, leaving Tonks and I in charge of the baby (she sucks at diaper changes, but is quite good at Food Pickup).

In the meantime: a tree-petting baby, with tooth.

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Uncle Sam is using the down time to teach Xander the basics of Lego architecture.

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In the Dark

One of the stranger things of this entire situation is the lack of news. We have a vague sense of what happened to us, and how widespread the damage is, but not really. Local news on the radio is mostly about where to find gas and ice.

We are all still fine, if not filthy. The storms were a perfect opportunity for some unrelated horrible dramas to play out. I won’t get into that a lot, but suffice it to say that the tv show Intervention in no way prepares you for just how awful it can be.

My flight home got pushed from this morning to tonight. I cannot wait to be home with JS and Tonks and have a hot shower and coffee.

Mostly, though, for us, the lack of power is an annoyance, forcing us to grill outside and walk Xander to the park. Not everyone is as lucky.

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Xander and I are still in Alabama with my family. JS left Monday. We are all ok. Tornadoes went right by us many times, but didn’t touch out house. We are lucky.

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Wedding Picture Glowy, originally uploaded by EABanks.

Two totally wonderful years.

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Dear Reader:

Who found my blog by Googling “can i have a glass of wine after i put baby down?”


I hope you found everything you were searching for.

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Merry Christmas

Joy and peace to you all.

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What to do when your midget baby is too short for the activity center:

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